Reconciling the Built and the Non-Built Environment

Most of my work touches on the theme of reconciliation, between ourselves and other species, between the built and the non-built environment, and critically, between the heart and the head, especially important when one works as an academic.

I believe it is only through a process of reconciliation that we will achieve the integrated decision-making so fundamental to the realization of sustainable community development. This video is one of the few demonstrations I have seen about what I am talking about, in Canada, the CIRS building that my colleague John Robinson created at UBC is another such example. Imagine, just imagine if all of our designs, buildings and strucutres valued this fundamental principle, we would no longer have to air condition builidings in the middle of winter because their design worked against nature and not with nature. And let's not forget redesign, I recently read about a competition challenging people to redesign malls,

CRC Comments

CRC Comments


I have seen the video which you have shared its all about nature the valuable gift of the world and also seen the building plan of CIRS.I like the Ventilation at CIRS it provided by two air handling units that supply fresh filtered air to the building.