Picture Framing Continued

I am back on my beloved campus at Royal Roads, it really is such a beautiful place here. Place matters very much to me, as I believe it matters to most people, and the diversity of scholarship here makes for some wonderful conversations. In our Live Chat last week on the climate adaptation and mitigation project, we talked about the importance of language, rather than 'carbon neutral' which could be perceived as not moving forward, 'climate positive' policies may be seen as more action oriented. Similarly, we live in such an information rich world and paradoxically an information poor world, where distortion of facts is often used to mislead the general public. This article from the New York Times is a fascinating analysis of a recent study stating that organic foods were no more nutritious, we need to read and see with our heads and hearts, and use our common sense to see where the truth lies.


CRC Comments

The New York Times has published a wonderful article. There are many organic food which were no more nutritious. But, today the use of organic food has been increased. The people understand the importance of organic food and they are changing their food habits from non veg to a organic food. In a recent survey the organic food is mostly chosen by people. I believe it's use will increase and help to maintain a good healthy life.