More and more innovation

We have seen many wonderful and creative takes on how to create more sustainable and eco-friendly versions of products most people use on regular basis. One example is the biodegradable cups made of corn plastic that have cornered the festival and event market on the last few years. Imagine though, knowing that your house was built using the same forward thinking and innovation? Bricks made without the kiln, which produces massive amounts of Co2, or plastic hinges in your kitchen, made totally petroleum free.  Picture receiving a package you've ordered online and it arrived cradled in MycoBoard, made from mushrooms and corn husks, as opposed to Styrofoam. From tiny house living to replacing the small plastic beads in beauty products that are polluting our waterways and oceans, there in a never ending need for implementation of new takes on old, outdated ideas.  This article is a good read that goes into more detail about some new products.

 Of course, as a researcher I always ask questions. How to scale up and scale out innovations? How to speed the take-up of more sustainable products into the market place?