The Launch of EarthNet

Launched only days ago, EarthNet is a new initiative that aims to galvanize climate action using social network technology. According to EarthNet, “we exist to break down institutional silos, improve knowledge sharing, and, generally, enhance beautiful collaboration between organizations and people working for a healthy, equitable, and sustainable future.” The climate crisis is a complex problem that requires global collaboration to inspire climate action. EarthNet will provide a digital space for such collaborative efforts, previously a gap within the climate movement. Alongside the launch of EarthNet came the launch of their Retrofits Hub. This platform will facilitate information sharing on deep building retrofits needed to respond to the climate crisis. Retrofits Hub features forums to ask questions, connect with experts, share ideas and resources, promote events and more. You can join the climate action movement by signing up with EarthNet today.

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels/Canva

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