Let’s Stand Up for Nature

The Smart Prosperity Leader’s Initiative, a group of respected Canadian leaders from a range of sectors, recently launched their Let’s Stand Up for Nature campaign. As part of this initiative, they wrote a detailed letter addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging him to ramp up Canada’s efforts to “conserve nature, protect endangered wildlife, and meet our international commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity”. While praising his government’s progress in addressing climate change and transitioning towards a low carbon economy, they offered their support and assistance during this critical window of opportunity. They urge the PM “to make an historic investment in conserving our natural habitats, protecting species at risk, and securing the natural capital that is the foundation of our health, wealth and well-being”. Their web portal also includes 5 downloadable materials that explore the state of nature conservation in Canada.

To increase civic awareness, engagement, and literacy on the importance of biodiversity conservation for all Canadians, we are currently running a conversation series in partnership with Women for Nature. To learn about the local to the global interdependencies of biodiversity conservation, check out our most recent e-Dialogue on Changing the Conversation.

Together as Canadians, let's stand up for nature.
Image courtesy of Smart Prosperity via http://www.smartprosperity.ca/thinking/lets-stand-nature-shareables