Let's Get Together

A good friend sent me this video, Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke. It is excellent fun and well worth taking the time to watch all the way through, it reminded me of the 60s. We fought for so much then which must seem archaic to younger generations—the right to wear pants to school, to wear your hair below your ears if you were a guy, for more talk and action, and much more importantly, for access to birth control. Believe it or not, you could not buy a condom unless you were 21 years old. Some of my younger friends tease me and say it was all about sex, yes, it was a sexual revolution, but also a social revolution, and a cultural revolution, the era of the protest songs. The Beatles, believe it or not, were seen as radical because of their long hair, our parents were afraid of them. Look at what we achieved in a decade and a half.

Can we do the same for our planet, a planetary revolution that involves artists, musicians, actors, researchers coming together to generate the joy, the belief that we can change the world. This video reminded my of yes the struggles, but also the joy we had, as witnessed by the last song. As we move into summer, let’s all think about how we can kick start the planetary revolution for a carbon neutral economy by 2030. Let’s get it together now.

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