Intergration, interconnection, inspiration

There are many recent conversations about integrating the arts into sustainability, cities and resilience. I know of one artist, Nancyanne Cowell, who fundamentally integrates the environment into her art, referring to them as ecoscapes. Her art ‘allows’ us to literally see landscapes in different ways, and is always accompanied by a story. She and I will be collaborating on my next book, exploring co-creating through the integration of art and research, to be titled, Edging Forward. Click on the link below to see the ecolandscape connected to this painting.

Reconnecting Series

Wrinkled Douglas Fir, create little niches in the shoreline for our repose. Primordial energy circles the rise of the rock, calling the prevailing winds to bust out of the Pacific clouds. Beneath soles, heaving, reaching roots are held down by the bones of our Earth, in decay. Even for just a moment - to touch a remnant of our abalone, an endangered species, is to find a trail to our hearts. Irresistible to the senses, naked leaves lie scattered, reconnecting us to our collective life. Our meaning of place.


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