Edging Forward

Edging Forward is not exactly a sequel, but an update about the many social innovations and progress in implementing sustainable community development in Canada, since the publication of At the Edge in 2001. Based on my 12-year research program since that release, this book is about the many options we have to move back from the edge, to edge forward in implementing sustainable community development now.

But, what is stopping Canadian communities?
How has a single ‘story’ so come to dominate our development?
What are the drivers for reconciling ecological, social and economic imperatives throughout Canadian society?
How do we change the single story and reclaim the dragons?

Once again, I will integrate both my personal journey and research, to talk about reconciliation, reconnection and the power of relationships and ultimately love, and compassion as the only way forward for transforming our current development pathway. And this time, I will be incorporating the arts into print, as well as trying to engage the reader in multiple ways, intellectually, personally, through visual and auditory means.

I am pleased to be advised and am collaborating with a diverse team of professionals, a well-known visual eco-artist, Nancyanne Cowell, a brilliant designer, Peter Sibbald Brown, and one of my former mentors, Dr. Dorothy Richardson. I will also, I hope, be assisted by my ever wonderful research associate, Rob Newell, who is now also pursuing his doctoral studies at the University of Victoria. So, the 'tyranny of the great white page' awaits.