Info Ladies

Friere (1970) talks about the power of many meaningful small steps for social change. The Info Ladies may at first blush seem like a small step, but it is slowly transforming Bangladeshi villages. Dressed in blue and pink uniforms, they bike to villages carrying in their bags a laptop, a camera to make films, but also tests for blood sugar and pregnancy, some cosmetics and shampoo. For a small fee, these ladies can call up information beyond the reach of the village on their computer and also allow access to Skype communication., a non-profit organization trains the women for three months on how to use the hardware, at centres close to their home, and to start their business they take out a loan of $650.00. This internet access goes far beyond just information, as the women offer an opportunity for social capital exchanges and access to other information the villagers ask for. And the info ladies themselves often start other businesses from their earnings, a virtuous cycle of emancipation.

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