The Importance of How we Tell A Story

Never has it been more important, with the age of the Internet and social media, to critically listen, read and think about our information sources. This video by Andrew Nikiforuk, tells his story about the pipeline story--the story the press doesn't cover (the underlying economics). He mentions two references you may find interesting, Terry Lyn Karl's the Paradox of Plenty and Harold Innis, The Staples Theory.

As I move further into the summer, I am trying to write my next book, Edging Forward, and facing the tyranny of the great white page every day. I am talking about the importance of our stories, that we make sense of our lives with our stories, and they shape how and what we think. The book will be complimented by a series of paintings by artist, Nancyanne Cowell and a wonderful book designer, Peter Sibbald Brown. Although an academic, I also want to write something that is literary with broader appeal. At the same time, we are working on a new public dialogue space, Changing the Conversation. I invite you to go our websites and explore what we are trying to do.

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