Hopes & Happy Holidays

We have certainly come through another difficult pandemic year that no one could have imagined. So, let us imagine an opening up of our communities in the coming year as we regain our freedoms. Let us not forget many of the lessons COVID-19 has taught us—how critically important access to green space is, especially in our large cities where many live in condos and apartments. That may be slowing down isn’t a bad thing. We are certainly looking at the meaning of work and those we value, the heroes who kept us going—the cashiers, the mail people, the garbage collectors, the delivery folks and of course, our medical people. So, let’s give thanks for what we have, let's imagine a better world of compassion and kindness to all, including the ‘others’. Our best wishes to you and your loved ones for a joyous holiday season.

Red cardinal in snowy tree

Photo by 12019 from pixabay/Canva

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