The Good Society-The New Humanism

How do we develop systems of governance, education and health that connect, not disconnect us from what is important to our humanity, that bridge the divided selves we have become as a result of the solitudes, silos and stovepipes of our current institutions. The most critical solitude to blow away is the artificial separation between reason and emotion. This video, which talks about a new revolution in consciousness, discusses the new humanism based on three principles: 1. the unconscious and the conscious 2. emotions are at the centre of thinking, the central organizing process, and 3. we are social animals, we are not primarily self-contained. People learn from the people they love, and reality has been expunged from the policy process.

In conclusion, the speaker talks about six key principles of the new humanism.
1. Mindsight, the ability to enter into other people's minds, and learn what they have to offer
2. Equipoise, serendity to read the biases and failures in your own mind
3. Medis, sensitivity to the physical environment, ability to pick up patterns from the environment
4. Sympathy, ability to work in groups and to communicate
5. Blending, the source of innovation
6. Fusion, moments of transcendence, ability to become lost in your craft, to be at one at nature

How can a good society harness the power of new humanism to optimize the full potentiality of human capital and to develop policy that picks up on patterns?

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