The Good Society--The Need for Conversation

A very thoughtful reflection on our use of technology, which some believe may be taking us to places we may not want to go. Technology is changing relationships, redefining the meaning of a ‘friend’, how we relate to one another, and most critically, our capacity for reflection. Technology creates the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship. Are we sacrificing conversation for connection?

Similarly, Etzionni talks about the importance of conversation and the need for moral dialogue in the good society, "a process by which people engage in deliberations in which their normative commitments are engaged". Perhaps a wiser use of on-line technology will be to engage the young and the old in megalogues about the meaning of the good society.

CRC Comments

CRC Comments


Hello, guys! I totally agree with you that relationships in the modern society become insignificant. People communicate online, but it will never be compared with the pleasure of meeting your friends in person. It is much more better to see the emotions on the dear face than a blank screen of your computer.