Edging Forward

One in seven Canadians live in poverty and there are an estimated 150,000 to 300,000 people homeless. Last year close to 900,000 Canadians used food banks every month, with over one third of those children. Basic income is getting a lot of media attention lately, largely due to the Ontario government’s plan to include a pilot project in their recent budget. Basic income action groups on local and regional levels are gaining momentum, and more and more, people are beginning to demand a better solution for social assistance for those in transition that existing programs perpetuate a poverty trap. The idea is supported by a majority of Canadians, a 2013 Environics poll showed. Research shows that a guaranteed annual income creates social benefits that generate empowerment rather than enabling programs to those in the more vulnerable sectors of our society. These types of initiatives are a crucial part of the bigger picture, helping us to map a sustainable path forward.  To find out more about the basic income network in Canada, click here.

Click here for and interesting analyis entitled, Welcome to the Post-Work Economy, and another argument for a universal income scheme.