The Complexities of Change

There is no denying the complexities of the messy, wicked problems we are currently facing. Climate change threatens 1.3 billion people and $158 trillion in US assets. There are $2 trillion in fossil fuel assets that fail the 2-degree stress test. And we still have many who are dragging their feet, denying evidence, and country laggards. On the other hand, we have leaders, for example, the Netherlands initiated a petrol and diesel ban by 2025; a long-term waterway and wetland protection in Canada; Shell created a green energy division to invest in wind power. Portugal has just run for four days straight on renewable energy alone. It is clear that we need transformative change in human systems, not the least of which how we farm and eat, and we need to act now, as millions of pensions will be exposed in Canada if we keep falling behind on climate rist management. We are not at a stage in our evolution where we have to intentionally design deliberative policies for regenerative sustainability--it is both desirable and possible now. This summer, one of my favourtie cities, Paris, will ban all cars made before 1997.