Changing the World One Purchase at a Time

The Worldwatch Institute's website just talked about setting Millenium Consumption Goals, similar to the Millenium Development Goals. The author, Erik Assadourian, suggested 5 millenium goals, and asked people to come up with three others.

1. Halve obesity and overweight rates by 2020.
2. Halve the current work week from 40+ hours to 20 hours a week.
3. Better distribute wealth by raising taxes on the wealthiest members of society.
4. Double the rate of non-motorized transport.
5. Guarantee access to health care for all.

My two top three picks are the following.

6. Get the prices right, eliminate all subsidies and cost the price of environmental inputs into the costs of doing business.
7. Phase in a policy of zero tolerance for waste throughput over the next five years.

Think how each of these goals if implemented would improve your life. What would be your next pick, or how would you modify the foregoing? Imagine, imagine if we could achieve a consensus in Canada between the young and the old about our top eight Millenium Consumption goals, and then influence all polticial parties to adopt them as an election platform?

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