Be in the H2Know

March 22nd is the United Nation’s World Water Day, and in keeping with that theme, I wanted to share this moving series of photographs by Compassion UK.

The DiCaprio Foundation just made waves again, donating an additional 1,000,000 dollars to the government of the Seychelles to establish a large marine sanctuary. This is welcome news, since new images show a disturbing increase in bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef thought to be related to climate change, and the month of February 2016 was the hottest on record.

Here in Canada, there is some concern that the new Liberal government may not move quickly enough to undo the damage caused by the previous Conservative government’s gutting of legislation designed to protect our lakes and rivers, but initiatives like the Council of Canadian’s Pledge to Protect are a great way to contact your local MP. With one fifth’s of the world’s fresh water flowing within our borders, we Canadians have a responsibility to act as guardians, and set a shining example for the rest of the world.