An Announcement

It is another gloomy day here and I stumbled across an article from the Washington post entitled The Gifts our Dying Dog Gave to Our Sons. I have loved dogs ever since I was small and brought a little black Lab puppy home to my parents and cajoled them into keeping her. This article made me cry as it so beautifully describes losing a beloved four-legged companion.

I am very pleased to announce that we will be kick-starting a two-year campaign around biodiversity, especially given the latest UN-IPBES report revealing that the world is facing a mass extinction. Although we have been researching climate change for the last six years, biodiversity loss is much more concerning than climate change because whereas climate change is possibly reversible, biodiversity is not (Stuart Hill). Stay tuned as we begin this important campaign using multi-media social channels. In the meantime, don’t forget we have a federal election this October, make biodiversity conservation front and centre as part of the political agenda, by referencing our biodiversity action agenda at any meetings you attend. For they don’t have a voice, and we must be their voice.