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Welcome to the CRC blog, where we discuss bleeding edge issues around sustainable community development. The term ‘bleeding edge’ connotes the idea of our failure to somehow or other convince the publics about the urgency of responding to climate change now, and that we need to better communicate the principles and practises of sustainable development to the wider publics. So, yes it takes courage to be 'at the edge', and sometimes one 'bleeds' a lot, but let's start the conversation now.

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Wonders of the World

Why would we muzzle any of the natural, social sciences and humanities that allow us to 'see' the…
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Living Well While Dying

I haven't been blogging as regularly as my beloved mother fell ill on February 27th and died March…
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Permaculture and the City

This presentation shows how by integrating five permaculture districts into the City of Guelph's…
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A Major Breakthrough

When students learn about sustainability in colleges and universities, they often are taught this…
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Food for Thought

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by the information and science that I read, and often wonder how to…
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Ending the Silence, and Moving to Discussion

The video below, Ending the Silence on Climate Change, provides insights on the…
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The Good Society--An Empathic Society

Socrates emphasized knowing one’s self, introspection, but modern society needs more outrospection…
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The Good Society--Spatial Justice

What does Edward Soja mean by ‘spatial justice’ and why is it important to the good society? A…