Vitality Project Results Summary

The tables below and interactive displays provide nation-wide results on the data analysis collected from the survey. Displayed information updates automatically and is current. 

Vitality Indices

The table below summarizes vitality indices calculated for each region and displays them with three decimal places to ensure for sufficient numeric resolution. Acronyms in the table refer to respective regions in the following manner; British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Saskatchewan and Manitoba (SM), Ontario (ON), Quebec (QC), provinces of Atlantic Canada (AC), and the northern territories (NT). The 'i' unit associated with every regional acronym indicates that values are measured in the vitality index increments.









Descriptive Statistics 

The boxes below allow you to view averages collected for each question for each region. Select the question you would like to display statistics for by using the dropdown menu above the question field in each box. You may also search each region for a particular mode or median by using the dropdown menus above these fields.

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