Rate Your Community

The Vitality Project, Vt, is a dynamic, ongoing research effort that continually collects data on what factors contribute to a community's vitality and how vitality should be measured. The resources and research you have encountered in this online tool are designed to inform you on what aspects of vitality are important to community. Through the survey, we aim to gather your perspectives about your own community. As more users of this tool contribute information, we will be able to gain a better understanding of how communities across Canada are performing.


The analysis of the data collected from the Vitality Project is conducted catagorically, and data is collected for communities in seven regional groups: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic Canada provincies, and the northern territories.

Click on the abbreviation of your province or territory in the map above to begin rating your community and comparing your responses to regional and nation-wide summaries.