Sustainable Cities Strategic Review e-Dialogue

Sustainability Solutions Group, is leading a sustainable cities strategic review, a joint partnership between SSG, RRU's Canada Research Chair, and is being funded by the Capital Regional District and the City of Calgary. The terms of reference for the review are to identify key sustainability issues and barriers facing Canadian municipalities and international best practices helping to address these barriers and to build a supportive network of people who are working on sustainability in municipalities across Canada.

A series of e-Dialogues will be conducted with planners and practitioners from across the country. This advisory team of staff and elected officials from Canadian municipalities will ensure the production of useful knowledge and on-the-ground implementation. SSG will use this research to develop a toolkit for Canadian cities and towns, targeting key policy measures that are ideally suited for implementation in Canada.

Sustainability Solutions Group
Advisory Team

Sustainability Solutions Group

Rebecca Foon
LEED AP. Sustainability Solutions Group Director (Quebec)
(514) 806-5847
Rebecca is a versatile urban planner who is dedicated to integrating a holistic understanding of sustainability in growing healthy communities. She is an accomplished organizer and facilitator, sustainability management systems creator, sustainability assessment leader, and green building consultant. Her projects are diverse: from evaluating neighbourhood quality-of-life monitoring systems to consulting for the Discovery Channel urban environment program Wa$ted to performing municipal sustainability assessments. Rebecca’s creative thinking and whole systems approach ensure genuine Sustainability Solutions Group sustainability outcomes. Rebecca recently completed a pioneering, broad-based sustainability strategy for Algonquin College.

Yuill Herbert
LEED AP. Sustainability Solutions Group Director (Nova Scotia)
(250) 213-9029
Yuill is at the leading edge of research and practice on settlement patterns and GHG emissions. He led the team that pioneered the methodology to assess the implications of land use patterns for greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia. He has recently been awarded a prestigious External Research Program grant from CMHC to develop this model for widespread use by small and medium communities in Canada. Yuill has conducted numerous greenhouse gas emissions inventories in a variety of sectors, including for Salt Spring Island, the Cooperators Insurance Group, Concordia University and Discovery Channel’s Wa$ted television show.

Ann Dale
Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development

Ann is a professor with the School of Environment and Sustainability, Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences at Royal Roads University. She chairs the Canadian Consortium for Sustainable Development Research (CCSDR), a consortium of all the heads of research institutes across Canada, and is active in the Canadian environmental movement. Dr. Dale chairs an organization she created, the National Environmental Treasure (the NET) and is the Executive Co-ordinator, Research and Public Policy for the Canadian Biodiversity Institute. From 1998-2000, she led an energy efficiency program on behalf of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

Previously, she was an Executive with the Federal Government, and was one of the two public servants behind the creation of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE). Dr. Dale is a Trudeau Fellow, as well as a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Sciences. She is also a Board member of the World Fisheries Trust, and the Advisory Committee to the Montreal Institute for the Environment. Dr. Dale holds degrees in psychology and public administration from Carleton University, and a doctorate in Natural Resources Sciences, McGill University. Current research areas include governance, social capital and sustainable community development, biodiversity policy, and deliberative electronic dialogues. She is a recipient of the 2001 Policy Research Initiative Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Policy for her book, At the edge: sustainable development in the 21st century.

Chris Strashok MA, BSc Eng.
Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development

Chris is a researcher focusing on governance, social capital and sustainable community development, and deliberative electronic dialogues. He is also an expert in the role local monetary systems are playing as a tool for fostering community resilience and vitality.

In addition to this Chris has nine years of experience modelling complex and dynamic engineering processes. Combining this with a strong background in client relations he has assisted clients of various levels of expertise in achieving effective use of modelling applications.


City of Victoria
Kim Fowler
Director Department of Sustainability

Kim is the Director of Sustainability with the City of Victoria. She is a municipal sustainability expert with a proven record of successfully implementing sustainability frameworks and projects in several municipalities, including and the City of Victoria, Islands Trust and Port Coquitlam. She is a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners with certification in strategic planning, local government administration, conflict resolution, media relations, and public facilitation and group dynamics.

Kim is also an appointed member of the UBCM Urban Strategies Working Group of the BC Green Communities Committee (completed in 2008), the BC Brownfields Committee, the Local Government Asset Management Working Group and the Board of Smart Growth BC. She has designed and instructed sustainability and land use courses at UBC, BCIT and the Urban Development Institute School of Development. Her sustainability work has been published in Leadership Makes a Difference, Going for Green, the Planning West journal and The Story of Brownfields and Smart Growth in Kingston Ontario: From Contamination to Revitalization.

Allison Ashcroft
Sr Planner Environmental Issues

Allison Ashcroft is the Senior Planner of Environmental Issues for the city of Victoria. Allison is currently engaged in the development of the city's Climate Action Program and the creation of its corporate Carbon Neutral Plan and community Climate and Energy Resiliency Plan. Allison works collaboratively with the other members of the Sustainability department on Victoria’s Sustainability Framework. This overarching document will guide the City’s strategies and prioritize its actions in alignment with the corporation’s and community’s goals in the domains of ecological integrity, liveability and social well being, economic vitality and resiliency. In partnership with other city services departments, Allison offers a sustainability lens through which to view strategic plans, policies and projects in fulfillment of the City’s commitment to TripleBottomLine decision-making. In pursuit of a low carbon, resilient community, Allison works closely with key climate stakeholders and the public to develop innovative tools and mechanisms to encourage climate action beyond regulation. Utilizing interactive mapping and other visual guides for scenario-building and local climate action visioning, and exploring market-based approaches through community partnerships for green building retrofits, such as time of sale energy labelling, and revitalization tax exemptions, to name a few. Through Allison’s participation, the City of Victoria is an active member of the CRD’s Intermunicipal Climate Action Taskforce, and a piloting member and reviewer of SMARTTool, the BC Climate Action Secretariat’s GHG reporting tool, and, the Municipal Climate Adaptation Guide of ICLEI Canada.

Prior to joining the City of Victoria, Allison provided consulting services to both the public and private sector performing analyses for TripleBottomLine decision-making, and assisting with the navigation of technical, financial and regulatory barriers related to the integration of sustainable solutions for energy and water efficiency and conservation. Allison is a LEED Accredited Professional, in addition to, a Certified Public Accountant, where as a former Senior Manager of Deloitte + Touche she provided financial and regulatory strategy consulting services.

City of Nanaimo
Andrew Tucker MCIP
Director of Planning City of Nanaimo

City of Vancouver
Lindsay Cole
Greenest City Planner

Lindsay Cole (MA, LEED AP) is currently the Greenest City Planner in the City of Vancouver's Sustainability Group. She is working with a large number of City staff and community members to create a plan that outlines the actions Vancouver will need to take in order to achieve it's objective of being the greenest city in the world by 2020. Prior to this she was a Director with Sustainability Solutions Group, working on green building, integrated design, education program development and delivery, and organisational change projects.

Capital Regional District
Sarah Webb, BSc, SBA
Climate Action Coordinator

Sarah Webb is currently leading up the Climate Action Program at the Capital Regional District on Vancouver Island. The program aims to support the 13 municipalities and 3 electoral areas in the region in developing and implementing emissions reduction and adaptation strategies and building capacity among residents to take action. Sarah has a diverse background in both the non-profit and private sectors working on issues that relate to environmental stewardship. Her previous professional experience includes the University of Victoria Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability, the Ministry of Advanced Education, the Canadian Urban Transit Association, and the Centre for Urban Innovation. After moving to the island from Whistler in 1998, Sarah fell in love with the community and has been in Victoria ever since. She has a BSc in Biology and Environmental Studies and is a certified Sustainable Building Advisor. Sarah is the current Chair of the Victoria Car Share Co-op, board member with the BC Sustainable Energy Association and Bike to Work Society, and sits on the Community Engagement Committee with the Victoria Foundation. She is a mom of a 3 year old boy who loves double decker busses and skateboards.

City of Richmond
Margo Daykin

City of North Vancouver
Susan Haid
Manager Sustainable Community Development at District of North Vancouver

Susan Haid is the Manager of Sustainable Community Development at the District of North Vancouver where she works with a team on long-term, integrated community planning. Currently the group is developing a new Official Community Plan which is an integrated community sustainability plan with significant support from the FCM Green Municipal Fund. Susan has worked in municipal and regional community planning focussing on sustainability and environmental policy for the last 17 years. She is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. She has a Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning and honours degrees in Landscape Architecture and in Biology.

City of Nelson
Dallas Johnson, MA, M.Pl Planner
Department of Development Services and Sustainability

Dallas Johnson is a Planner with the Department of Development Services and Sustainability in the City of Nelson, British Columbia. She has participated in the development of the City's Sustainability Checklist, and is a member of the Steering Committees for the following City of Nelson sustainability initiatives: Path to 2040 (Sustainability Strategy), Sustainable Waterfront/Downtown Master Plan, and the Community Climate Action and Energy Plan. Dallas has BA in Development Studies from the University of Calgary, a MA in International Development Studies from St. Mary's University and a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Queen's University, specializing in Environmental Services.

City of Whitehorse
Shannon Clohosey
Sustainability Projects Manager

Shannon Clohosey is the Sustainability Projects Manager at the City of Whitehorse. Tasked with implementing the City's Strategic Sustainability Plan, she works collaboratively with all City Departments, other levels of government, and local organizations.

City of Yellowknife
Jeffrey Humble, MCIP
Director of Planning and Development

Jeff has been the Director of Planning and Development for the City of Yellowknife for the past four years and is an active member in the Canadian Institute of Planners. In addition to working in a number of Canadian municipalities, Jeff has worked in First Nation communities, Africa, and the United States, and brings considerable experience in master planning processes, urban revitalization, public consultation, and project management. Jeffrey holds a B.A. in Urban Studies (University of Winnipeg), Masters in City Planning (University of Manitoba), a Masters Certificate in Project Management (Schulich School of Business), and is a designated Certified Investment Manager (Canadian Securities Institute). In Yellowknife Jeff has been the project administrator for the Smart Growth Development Plan, which amongst other things, seeks to revitalize existing neighbourhoods, promote active transportation, and encourage "smart" planning principles.

City of Calgary
Russ Golightly, P.Eng LEED
AP Project Manager

Russ graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Calgary and has worked in several areas of consulting before landing into municipal projects. He has worked in construction as well as oil & gas for Colt Engineering. It was his work at Reid Crowther that opened the door to working at The City of Calgary. Russ has been working with The City of Calgary since 1999. Russ is the project manager responsible for the municipality’s first LEED-Gold rated office structure – the Water Centre. Russ has contributed his knowledge and experience working on the Water Centre to the University of Calgary’s Environmental Design Courses and contributed to the implementation of the City of Calgary’s Sustainable Building Policy. He has also helped develop and deliver courses with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) on creating and maintaining a sustainable building policy as well as serving as a director on the national council of the CaGBC from 2007 - 2008. He is currently a technical advisor for the LEED rating system for Sustainable Sites & Water categories. Along with the Talisman Centre Roof Replacement, Russ is also currently managing the renovation of the Calgary Public Building – applying his green skills to create an energy-efficient heritage building.

City of Edmonton
Mark Brostrom, P. Eng
Director, Office of Environment Deputy City Managers Office

Mark received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1984 and worked in the private sector prior to joining the City of Edmonton in 1990.

Mark has worked in the areas of environmental and energy policy development since joining the City. He became the Director of the Office of Environment in 2005. This Office facilitates the development and implementation of municipal environmental policy for the City.

Mark had direct involvement of the development of Edmonton’s first Environmental Strategic Plan in 1999, the significant update of the plan in 2006 and the current update of the plan which will move the City towards environmental sustainability. Mark is also involved in the development and implementation of the City’s ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the City’s climate change strategy.

City of Saskatoon
Charlie Clark
City Councillor Ward 6 Saskatoon

Charlie Clark is a second-term City Councillor for Ward 6, a historic core district of Saskatoon. He grew up in British Columbia, but married a Saskatonian and now has fallen in love with the community too. Charlie is a father of two boys, has a B.ED from UofT and a Master's degree Environmental Studies from York University. Charlie has worked as a mediator, adult educator, and consultant in community economic development and sustainability initiatives within government, business, and the CBO sector. As a City Councillor, Charlie is always interested in the question of how to achieve more fun and more coherency in the quest to make healthier communities.

City of Ottawa
Johanne Levesque
Director of Community Sustainability

Johanne joined the City in September 2009 as the Director of Community Sustainability. Johanne brings over twenty years of public and private sector experience in the municipal and health sectors. Her experience includes the leadership of national projects, negotiations at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, policy analysis, partnerships, strategy development, execution and management. Prior to joining the City, she was the Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Integration at the Champlain Community Care Access Centre where she was responsible for stakeholder engagement, policy development, and research to support organizational development, integration activities and health care system sustainability. In 2000, she co-founded and served as President of Ambire Inc., a successful strategic management company delivering tailored solutions helping organizations create, manage and adapt to their futures.

The City of Ottawa is committed to integrating sustainability as a Corporation and as a partner with the community. Achieving long-term sustainability is a collective goal that embraces sustainable development, sustainable growth and healthy communities. It integrates environmental integrity, economic prosperity, social cohesion and cultural development. Building sustainable communities requires a proactive, localized, holistic and highly participatory approach, a role well suited to the unique functions and capabilities of the City. Along with the coordination of Choosing our Future, the Department plays a critical role in identifying and supporting strategies and initiatives across the Corporation that contribute towards outcomes that ensure the future of our communities. The Department is made up of five organizational units: Director’s Office; Economic Development; Environmental Sustainability; Sustainability Planning and Development; and Sustainability Practice and Neighbourhood Liveability.

As a leader, Johanne is committed to excellence and delivering results that build organizational and community capacity and support positive long lasting change through analysis, collaboration and an integrated approach.

Johanne has a history of volunteering and serving on boards of directors of major organizations. She is currently Chairperson of the Board of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and a past member of the Board of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. In August 2009, she was appointed by Order in Council to the Province of Ontario Firefighter Bravery Advisory Council.

Johanne is a native of Ottawa. She has a Bachelor’s in Nursing Science from Ottawa University (1986) and a Master’s of Public Administration from Queen’s University (2001).

City of Pickering
Thomas Melymuk
Director, Office of Sustainability City of Pickering

Thomas Melymuk has worked in municipal government for over 30 years, most of it in the planning and development field. In 2007, he became the Director of the City of Pickering’s Office of Sustainability, the first such office established by a municipality in Ontario. As Director of that Office, Tom provides overall leadership and guidance to the City’s Sustainable Pickering program, and plays an instrumental role in the on-going transformation of Pickering from a suburban community to a sustainable City.

Tom is a registered professional planner and a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. He holds a Master of Environmental Studies Degree from York University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto.

City of Toronto
Mike Mulqueen
Senior Environmental Planner, Toronto Environment Office

Mike Mulqueen is a Senior Environmental Planner in the City of Toronto's Environment Office. His work involves policy and program development to implement Toronto's Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan, including regulatory changes, financial incentive programs, new stakeholder partnerships and community engagement strategies. Mike previously worked with the Environmental Policy group within the City Planning Division, helping to develop Toronto's green roof and sustainable building policies as well as provisions for Toronto's harmonized zoning bylaw. He holds a Masters of Urban Planning degree from McGill University.

City of Montreal
Danielle Lussier
Sustainability coordinator

Danielle Lussier is an urban expert and leads the environment and sustainable development branch of the infrastructure, transportation and environment department for the City of Montréal, Québec. She coordinates activities for the delivery of the first strategic sustainable development plan in the community of Montréal. An employee of the City of Montréal since 1990, Ms. Lussier has been involved in a number of projects, including the Centre d’expertise sur les matières résiduelles (centre of expertise on residual matters), the Éco-quartier programme, and the pesticides by-law. She holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Laval, a complementary studies certificate in geography from the University of Liège, a master’s degree in urban studies from McGill University in Montréal, and a graduate studies diploma in engineering and development projects management from HEC in Montréal. Ms. Lussier currently serves as secretary and treasurer of the Association québécoise d’évaluation d’impacts and is a member of the Bureau de l’ordre des urbanistes du Québec.

City of Moncton
Elaine Aucoin, P.Eng/ing.
Director of Environmental Planning and Management

City of Winnipag
Ian Hall
Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator

City of Halifax
Cameron Deacoff
Environmental Performance Officer

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Carmen Bohn

Carmen Bohn has worked with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) since 2006.  She has recently changed jobs within the organization, moving from the Manager of the Capacity Building program within FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) wherein she managed such activities as the Sustainable Communities Conference, the Sustainable Community Awards Program, and the Sustainable Communities Mission; to a new role as a Knowledge Development and Sharing Specialist within FCM's International department.  She holds a Master's degree in Environmental Design (Planning) from the University of Calgary and an undergraduate degree in Regional and Urban Development from the University of Saskatchewan.  Previously she has held positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors working on projects ranging from planning and designing communities in western Canada to evaluating community-based credit programs in Africa.

Donna Chiarelli Specialist, Knowledge Development and Sharing

Donna Chiarelli is responsible for the development and implementation of research, knowledge, policy, and training programming related to FCM’s international programs. In this capacity she leads on knowledge development and sharing initiatives, including the production of knowledge products and the coordination and facilitation of knowledge sharing activities across FCM International. She also supports knowledge management capacity building for overseas partners, including the provision of technical assistance. Donna has a Master’s degree in international affairs from Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. Prior to joining FCM in 2003, she was a training manager for an international leadership training program in environment and development (Leadership for Environment and Development – LEAD), geared towards mid-career professionals from the private, non-profit and government sectors.

She has also managed projects in the non-profit sector (both in international development and environmental NGOs) and has worked at the municipal level for the City of Ottawa on a public engagement campaign that promotes environmental awareness and action.


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