The Post Carbon Society: Is it feasible?

Part 1: The Post Carbon Society: Is it feasible?  
  Date Held: November 23, 2005  
Introduction and Issues

In some ways, desire for a post carbon society arises out of a paradox. Some would say that we need a post carbon society because we have too few fossil fuels, but others would say we need to move to a post carbon society because we have too many fossil fuels. As we exhaust conventional oil reserves, there are still ample reserves of non-conventional oil and coal. However use of these reserves would prove even more damaging to the atmosphere and global ecosystems. In short, we can't afford the ecological damage that further use of hydrocarbons will cause.

Join us for the first in our series of e-Dialogues bringing some of the best minds in the country together to discuss this critical public policy issue. In our discussion, we will be talking about our reliance on fossil fuels in all sectors of human society and asking if it is even possible to change and what magnitude of change is necessary? Tune in and listen to our expert panel share their expertise and hopefully, a little wisdom.


Ann DaleDr. Ann Dale, Trudeau Fellow
Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability, Royal Roads University
Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences
Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development

Dr. Dale is a rare hybrid, both an academic and an activist. Currently she is engaged in two major research initiatives at Royal Roads University. First, she is leading the e-Dialogues for Sustainable Development, a series of online dialogues exploring critical issues using the power of the internet to influence public policy. Second, she is working on exploring the relationship between social capital and sustainable community development. In 2001, she received the Policy Research Initiative's Outstanding Research Contribution Award for her most recent book, At the Edge: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century. (Photo by Couvrette/Ottawa)

Jeff Ardron Louise Comeau Richard Gilbert
Jeff ArdronScientific Advisor,Marine Protected Areas for the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (bio) Louise ComeauProject Director of the Sage Climate Project at the Sage Centre, board member of the Ontario Power Authority (bio) Richard Gilbert consultant to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (bio)
Elizabeth May Dr. John B. Robinson Ralph Torrie
Elizabeth MayExecutive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada (bio) John Robinson Professor, Sustainable Development Research Initiative (SDRI), UBC (bio) Ralph Torrie is an expert in the field of energy and environment with 30 years of consulting experience (bio)

Royal Roads University
School of Environment and Sustainability