The Future Management of Canada's Used Nuclear Fuel

Part 4: The Future Management of Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel



Welcome to our last in a series of on-line dialogues and conversations around the management of used nuclear waste in Canada. This month-long asynchronous public forum, open to all Canadians across the country, is your opportunity to make your views known and to make a difference in this critical public policy issue.RRU

Tune into our month-long public forum and see if the recently published NWMO draft study report, Choosing a Way Forward, reflects your voice and your concerns. This last in our series of dialogues will be an asynchronous public forum open the month of July for reflection and for expressing your views. In particular, we encourage discussion around the following questions: In what way, if any, do you think the proposed Adaptive Phased Management approach is an appropriate approach for Canada? What concerns, if any, do you have about this approach? What improvements, if any, would you like to see made? What more would you like to know about the proposed approach, or more generally about the work of NWMO?

In addition to your comments, if you have any questions concerning the draft study report, NWMO staff will be pleased to answer any of your questions. Moderated by Dr. Ann Dale, this public forum is your chance to be heard and to make a difference in helping to shape public policy for the final recommendations to Government by November 2005. Following the public forum, a summary report will be made available to NWMO and will simultaneously be published on the website.

For your background information, 'listen in' on a recent on-line conversation between Dr. Ann Dale and Elizabeth Dowdeswell, President of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, following the release of the Draft Study Report. As well, the website contains summary information for your further reference.

Click here to view Jim MacNeill's response to Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

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