Solutions Agenda - Sustainable Energy Conversation

The second Solutions Agenda conversation, focusing on the theme of energy, is now available from the website.

The United Nations General Assembly defines sustainable energy as “energy that is accessible, cleaner and more efficient…and…paves a path out of poverty to greater prosperity for all”. Achieving sustainable energy involves a complex process of developing energy systems in a manner that minimizes environmental and health impacts, creates economic opportunity, and ensures everyone has equitable access to power.

This dialogue brought together a diverse group, in terms of expertise and ideas on innovations, and, through this diversity, the complexities of developing sustainable energy systems were illuminated. Each energy innovation discussed by our e-Dialogue panelists took a different approach to sustainable energy, and these innovations include,

  • Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST) - a collaborative network of stakeholders focused on positioning Canada as a leader in the design, development and implementation of Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES), i.e., linking energy planning with other systems such as transportation, waste, water, etc.
  • Drake Landing Solar Community (DLSC) – a community located in east part of Okotoks, Alberta, consisting of 52 single-detached residences that use solar energy for space heating
  • The Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC) – an initiative that creates opportunities for residents of Ottawa to cooperatively finance, own and receive returns on renewable energy projects, that are larger than anything they could purchase individually
  • Eagle Island - a small island community of 31 houses, located off the shore of the District of West Vancouver, that reduced its carbon footprint (through home retrofitting) after community member, Tarah Stafford, engaged her neighbours through fun community engagement strategies such as social gatherings, i.e., dinner parties

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