Solutions Agenda Part V - Mental Health

We have just released Part V of the Solutions Agenda, a discussion on mental health.

This conversation brought together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners to discuss the issues affecting mental health and solutions for improving mental wellbeing in communities. Mental illness is pervasive in Canada and affects everyone, either personally or through family, friends and colleagues. However, still many people attempt to suppress what they are feeling, avoiding treatment or confiding in friends and families to avoid the stigma of mental illness, so care is difficult. Psychologist and theologian, Marcia Webb, suggests that “[a]s a society, we shy from reminders of our frailty. If persons with mental illnesses are conceptualized as separate – as invisible within, or as intruding upon – mainstream society, then mainstream society may deceive itself and imagine that mental illness does not reflect universal truths about the human condition.”

Click here to download the complete conversation.