New Visualization: Community Successes and Critical Needs

Community Successes and Critical Needs is a new interactive visualization that has been released through CRC Visualizations site.

One of our main objectives in developing case studies is to share and link community innovations. This requires looking at the successful aspects of a community innovation, plan or initiative and also the challenges, barriers or issues communities face in attempting to implement plans or execute projects. We have just released a new visualization that captures these lessons through a meta-analysis of the ‘What Worked’ and ‘What Didn’t Work’ sections of 53 online CRC case studies.

The visualization arranges conceptual information derived through the meta-analysis and displays these concepts in terms of community needs and successes. For example, it shows that relocalization of economies is still a critical need in Canadian communities (also one of our recommendations from our degrowth work). On the other hand, stakeholder engagement appears to be culturally embedded, although we still need a lot of work on equity, inclusivity of difference and collaboration, as well as shared decision making.