First Robert Bateman Conversation: October 27th

Join us and tune in on Thursday, October 27th (1pm PST or 4pm EST), for the first of our series ofRobert Bateman Critical Conversations, a joint initiative between Robert Bateman Centre and moderated by Royal Roads University's Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development. This discussion will explore the idea of community growth in modern times and discuss how it relates the prosperity of societies. Does economic growth need to continue in order for our societies to flourish? When is ‘enough’ enough? What does it truly mean to make ‘progress’? This conversation will examine our traditional thinking that our progress is based on continual growth and compare it with a more unconventional idea that prosperity could possibly emerge from ‘de-growth’. With increasing pressure on environment, economy and society, it is time we ask; what is the meaning of progress and growth in the 21st century?

You can access the Progress and Growth in the 21st Century webpage here, and login into our e-Dialogues here.