CRC Visualizations

The CRC Visualizations site has been released.

The CRC research program has just completed analyzing the data from the case studies and e-Dialogues from the past ten years. We will be publishing a series of visual graphics that tell the 'story' between the themes of place, resilience, innovation and anticipatory government. We wanted to show our data in a way that would communicate our research outcomes to diverse communities and sectors. We will have to follow this up with more detailed peer reviewed journal articles, but we wanted to share our results as soon as possible using these data 'pictures'. We will continue to publish our data analysis visually every two months under the section in the Visualizations area, entitled CRC Meta-Analysis.

In addition, the Visualizations site contains a library of the Patterns of Our Footsteps blog and the entire complement of mind maps created through the MC3 project and our work on rethinking growth and prosperity. There is also a section on novel research methodology designed by the CRC program for the purposes of shedding light on the conceptual relationships that emerge through qualitative data. The site will continually build as we continue to blog on patterns and trends, develop mind maps, and create new visual analytics techniques.