February 2013

Your Warming World

Produced by New Scientist using data from NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Surface Temperature Analysis, Your Warming World is an interactive map that displays global climate data for last century. You Warming World allows the user to select a twenty year period, the earliest being 1893 to 1912 and the most recent being 1993 to 2012, for the purpose of seeing regional temperature changes (using a heat map overlay) in the selected two-decade period.

Can crowdsourcing save the planet?

Developed through MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Climate CoLab is a project that aims to collect ideas from people across the planet for addressing the critical global issue of climate change.  Climate CoLab provides a forum for the public to submit and / or comment on innovative proposals for climate action.  The strongest proposals are selected as finalists, based on the proposed project's feasibility, novelty, impact on climate change and presentatio