July 2012

"…and the survey says" A webinar reviewing of municipal climate research

Local governments give their time and expertise towards various research projects, and thus can act as valued partners for contributing a wealth of data, providing insights on prevailing field conditions, articulating needs, and spurring new lines of inquiry. They serve as key partners in piloting new projects or approaches, from the adoption of new policies to the building of innovative infrastructure.

Community Forestry: Local Values, Conflict and Forest Governance

Written by Dr. Ryan Bullock and CRC Research partner, Dr. Kevin Hanna, Community Forestry: Local Values, Conflict and Forest Governance provides a critical and incisive examination of community forestry. It explores community forestry as an alternative form of local collaborative governance in globally significant developed forest regions, with examples ranging from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia to Scandinavia.

New Video Release - The first panelist video of the CRC De-growth Series

Dr. Peter Victor, Professor at York University, was the first of four presenters on the panel put together for our March workshop on rethinking growth and prosperity, De-growth: A Critical Juncture?. Dr. Victor discusses the historical perspectives on growth and how concerns of humans pushing the capacity of the planet have been raised throughout the 20th century.