Interactive HEAD Talks Mindmap

We have just released an interactive animation to illustrate the linkages between our research and our social media experiment. For the last year, CRC Research has experimented with the use of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogging) to disseminate research, to share news and ideas on sustainability, and to create virtual community and social capital. Our YouTube channel, HEAD Talks, has been a significant component of our social media exploration, as HEAD Talks videos have allowed us to express our research ideas in creative and visually interesting ways.

The HEAD Talks mind map allows the user of the map to explore our video library by engaging with an interactive animation, designed to display the linkages between CRC Research topics and HEAD Talks videos. The user of the mind map can expand a single research topic to explore the audio-visual work done on this topic or they can view all the topics and connections by expanding the entire map.

Click here to explore the HEAD Talks mindmap.