November 2011

Watching Canada’s Strip Malls Crumble Toward Extinction

The National Post has recently published an article on strip mall architecture and steps that are now being taken to counteract this form of development. The article begins with a poignant statement of the poor aesthetics of strip mall structure, "The first time cultural geographer Merle Patchett saw Edmonton’s sprawl from the airplane, she felt the culture shock shared by so many European immigrants to the Prairie city.

Developing a new business culture: Task Force on Social Finance

Social finance focuses on developing a business culture with strong representation of socially responsible enterprises, known as social enterprises. The aim of a strong social finance system is to mobilize sources of capital in a manner that allows for the creation of businesses with social/environmental principles incorporated in their business model. Ideally, a business culture with strong social finance aspect will foster healthy communities and society, which in turn is conducive to healthy environment and sustainable economy.