Resources and Websites


North Central Regional Center for Rural Development     

The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) works with extension professionals, researchers, and their partners to enhance rural development outcomes in the twelve state north central region.


The World Bankjavascript:mctmp(0);     

Probably the most comprehensive social capital website, poverty net includes an online archive of articles and postings regarding social capital and sustainable development. Definitions, measures and topics in social capital are available. A discussion list offers a variety of opinions and thoughts. As well, a web guide to social capital provides links to other sites. 


Five E's Unlimited     

This is a good web source on the concept of sustainable development. Characteristics and objectives of sustainable development are discussed. Features of sustainable communities are also examined.


The Saguro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America     

This page is home to the Saguro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America. This is an initiative of periodic seminars led by Robert D. Putnam at Harvard University. Dialogue focuseson how to increasingly build bonds of civic trust and social capital among communities.


Sustainable Communities Online     

A comprehensive website on the creation of sustainable communities. This site includes issues of governance, sustainable living and addresses concerns in economic, environmental and social spheres. Civic engagement, building partnerships, equity and culture are also points of interest.


Aboriginal Environments Research Centre (AERC)     

The AERC is a multidisciplinary centre for research and teaching into the culture, environment and architecture of Australian Indigenous peoples. Its staff and postgraduate students also work on numerous consulting projects for government and non-government agencies and organisations.