A Really 'Smart' Phone

Bas Van Abel heads up Fairphone, a Dutch company who have succeeded in making an interesting impact in the smartphone market. After becoming concerned over the dilemma owning a smartphone can cause for many sustainably minded individuals, he decided to re-think the way the materials were sourced. He built relationships with mineral suppliers who he was able to count on to have more eco-friendly practices in place. Recently, Fairphone has innovated the original design once again, allowing it to last longer, with hopes of slowing the need to replace one’s phone as often as other models on the market may require. Fairphone is certainly one of the “doers”, having addressed and approached a subject many have been focused on for a long time now, how to being sustainable practices into the tech world, a rapidly growing market.

What is refreshing is Van Abel’s business philosophy. Fairphone is at the forefront of two very crucial movements, reducing the carbon footprint of tech production, as well as integrating the social and economic imperatives.


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