Opera and Monsters

My research associate, Rob Newell, recently coined the term "Art in Action", when we were brainstorming about how to integrate more of the arts into our research. This video shows another different integration of opera and street art, tackling the tough social issue of bullying by uncovering the monster in all of us. Vancouver Opera's promotion of Stickboy commissioned street artists to bring to life their own inner bully, and their life size murals are now curated throughout the city.

The chief creative head of DDB Canada, the agency that created the project, explains that “opera was born as an art form to express the social issues of the day. Street art, to some degree, is where those issues are being expressed in our lifetime. Using street art was an opportunity to raise the issue of bullying with a younger audience and connect it to an art form that they probably weren’t familiar with.” Art in action.



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