Living Well While Dying

I haven't been blogging as regularly as my beloved mother fell ill on February 27th and died March 26th. As one of my colleagues said, Ann, you know have fulll autonomy, and even though I am in my sixites, it is a novel and frightening place. As I said in my eulogy to my beloved Mother, we thought we had more time, she would never die, and we took her for granted, for we so we loved you.

We have three themes for the CRC blog, The Good Society, Patterns of our Footsteps, led by my research asscoiate, Rob Newell, and my CRC research themes.  I now want to blogg on another entirely different topic, living well while dying, my personal experience having to say goodbye to my beloved mother. As a social scientist, I will be touching on critical social science issue related to health, and the experience of entering a beloved into palliative care and what that means for a family. As well,I will be talking very personally about what I learned sitting beside Catherine Morton, my mother, as she lay dying and there will be some graphic details, which I only wish I had known more about. So, for those of you who are interested, this section of the CRC blog will be named Living Well While Dying, a conversation well overdue for civil society.

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