Freedom For Some, But Not All

The Guardian recently published an article called, “Freeing up the rich to exploit the poor—that’s what Trump and Brexit are about”. While the title certainly speaks for itself, the author delves into what the term “freedom” often entails. He suggests that the propaganda of freedom promised by the Trump Administration and Brexiters is really “the freedom of the very rich to exploit us”. For example, when corporations free themselves of trade unions, their workers’ pay the price. Or when the very rich avoid paying taxes, vital public services suffer. This means that billionaires and corporations are essentially trying to free themselves from the supposed shackles of “red tape”, or the measures that protect the public, depending on how you put it. Without the “constraints of democracy”, the public has a lot to lose, like their right to fair employment, clean air and water, public safety, consumer protection, and vital public services. So in this context, freedom is for some but not for all.

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Brexit: UK and EU Flags

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