Community through Song

My research team just spent three days at a three-day workshop in Kingsburgh, Nova Scotia, a beautiful piece of this country with both lakes and the ocean, staying with dear friends who rent small houses by the sea. We were working on the community vitality tool and the website, which we hope to launch in September.

Community is coming clearer and clearer, and Yuill said something interesting, isn't community simply about the people? It doesn't matter how beautiful the landscape, because if you don't have community, then no matter how beautiful the environment, there is a void? So, the five proxy indicators we have identified for community vitality are--connectedness, vital space, dead space, community capitals, and accessibility.

But connectedness in and of itself is complicated. This video is about a different kind of connectedness, a virtual community of singers, the power of the internet to bring people together from around the world, through song, beauty and light. So, a vital community includes many  different ways of being connected, and we worked on 10 slides for each indicator that ideally makes the user think about what is important to them in their community and how to sustain it.

Is a community vital if most of the homes are only occupied two to three weeks of the year, although it brings a greater diversity of people together from all over the world than the community would normally have?

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