Commodification of Life

I am increasingly concerned about something I have been thinking about a lot lately--the wholesale commodification of life itself. And so, we are now working on gathering a bunch of statistics which we will share widely when they are ready, comparing expenditures between 1950 and 2010. What is the wage gap between the CEO and the floor worker, I heard in a conversation the other day, it is 450 to 1? What is the difference between expenditures on health care per capita, but also taking into account the expenditures on pharma care? What is the difference in corporate tax rates between 1950 and 2010? We started to ask why there is no money for any grand visions anymore, or for intrastructure like there was in the 1950s, in spite of growth, what is happening? Ideally, this data will reveal some underlying patterns that we are missing.

Stay tuned.

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