The Beverage of Happiness

Fast Company recently interviewed the CEO of Illy and learned how the world renowned Italian coffee company does things a little different. While they work with dozens of countries worldwide, they do not work within the standard fair trade system. Instead, they cultivate their own relationships with coffee producers. This ensures superior product, fairness, and better quality of life for those employed by suppliers. Since the CEO considers the fair trade system unstable, he shares what it will take for the coffee industry to be truly sustainable. He also discusses his hope for the future of coffee and how it can help create a positive economy. Coffee is a vital part of many people’s lives and is a source for “well-being, pleasure, health, socialization”. Perhaps one day it will become the official beverage of happiness, which Illy believes is synonymous with sustainability.

To learn more about this discussion, check out the interview here. Or, visit their website to learn more about their efforts.

Illy Cafe Latte, image via Wikimedia Commons licensed under Creative Commons

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