HEAD Talks Mindmap (static version)

The Humanity, Education and Design (HEAD) Talks was created to explore using social media for research dissemination, particularly of complex concepts such as sustainable development and some of the research outcomes from the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development. Our experiment with social media also includes the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging to see what resonates with the Canadian publics. Thus, this experiment is a method for generating social capital and knowledge mobilization through virtual channels and communities. HEADTalks is designed to reach diverse audiences with concepts and ideas on sustainable development adding connections to the incredible innovations that are happening on the ground in Canada and around the world. Our videos are designed to be be thought-provoking as they are 'edgier' than traditional academic publication, and, through the blending of animation and expert interviews, ideally, they add momentum to the social innovations needed to transform community vitality everywhere.

HEAD Talks Mindmap

This mindmap displays the connections between the CRC research projects and HEAD Talks videos. Click on white buttons to access a video or video series, or click on the topic button to reach related research. Click here to return to the interactive animation version of the mindmap. 

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Featured Video

Take a look at our latest release. As the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development program enters its final year, we reflect on the ideas and discoveries that have emerged through the research over the last decade. This animation captures some of the main points of what we have learned in our exploration of how to edge forward toward a sustainable future.

Click here to view the video.

Connecting with CRC Social Media

CRC Research's social media experimentation also includes Twitter, Facebook and blogs.  Below is a list of social media pages and sites you can visit to connect with CRC Research and ideas on sustainable living.