Texas a US Leader in Wind Energy

The frames the media put on any issue determines our agency--that is, the will or intent to act. With all the doom and gloom stories about the end of COP 21, this article sheds light on what is actually happening on the ground in the United States in spite of Trump's administration.

I believe we have finally got the business case for climate change innovation, and as the mayor of Georgetown, Dale Ross, a declared Republican, states, “The revolution is here,” he said. “And I’m a good little Republican, a rightwing fiscal conservative, but when it comes to making decisions based on facts, that’s what we do.” The decision to follow the lead of Burlington, Vermont – the first US city to run solely on renewable energy was based on cold-eyed pragmatism, the fruit of the kind of careful numerical analysis he performs in his day job as a certified public accountant.

He goes on to explain although he voted for Trump, “When Trump was campaigning he was talking about clean coal and we’re going to bring coal jobs back? That is a mirage, that is not going to happen,” he said. “Coal is one of the most expensive forms of fossil fuels to produce. And those jobs are never going to come back, ever. They’re done.” 

Go COP 21
Image by Ann Dale


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