The Museum of Lost and Found Potential

To increase awareness for World Mental Health Day, United for Global Mental Health curated The Museum of Lost and Found Potential. On display in London, UK, their goal was to create empathy, action, and even anger around the mental health crisis. In creating as a sense of urgency, they also hope the exhibit encourages the UK government (and beyond) to take immediate action and to provide support to everyone in need. On display are a myriad of objects, including nail varnish, a chess board, riding boots, a tree branch, a constable’s badge, and colourful clothing, according to the Guardian. Each one has a special significance to 16 different people, from around the world. They symbolize what was lost to mental illness and what can be found, if treated properly. Elisha London, chief executive of the organization, ultimately wants to put a face behind the statistics of the lives lost to mental health.

Visit Go Speak Your Mind, to learn more about the exhibit.


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