Leaping Forward on Climate Change

A group of national organizations, including the Canadian Public Health Association issued an open letter to the Canadian government championing the swift and uncompromising implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change and Glean Growth. They offered their assistance, and with this kind of support and the many business leaders now calling for action, the science community’s latest report, surely the Trudeau administration can leap forward towards a carbon neutral economy now. What is stopping them?

And Pope Francis this past Saturday, ironically on Remembrance Day, blasted “shortsighted human activity” for global warming and rising sea levels and urged leaders at climate talks in Germany to take a global outlook as they negotiate ways to curb heat-trapping emissions. He cited, in particular, the state of oceans, where overfishing and pollution by plastics and micro-plastics are killing fish stocks and sea life critical to Pacific island livelihoods.

Every day this week, I am going to blog on the wonderful innovations, tipping points and social cohesion happening around climate action on the ground. Expand the messages by tweeting, blogging and pinning to make the message loud and clear. We must act boldly and decisively now. We have enough science, we have enough information to stop edging forward and to leap forward now onto new development paths.

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