Housing Innovation

For many people, picturing what energy neutral living looks like can conjure images of converted shipping containers or tiny off-grid yurts. They may feel this is not the right choice for them, their families or their lifestyle. As it stands today the construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. One organization based in Norway (called The Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings, or ZED), is trying to change the perception of what an eco-conscious home can really be. By combining what they consider to be the two most important success factors, high tech construction and a “homey” vibe, their 2400 sqft Multi-Comfort House combines maximization of solar power energy with a very modern and visually appealing look. They hope that the home will offset its own carbon footprint made during its construction with the energy saving technology implemented in the building process. The ultimate goal is to scale the homes into the global market. Read more about their plans, (and see images of the pilot house project) here.