The Good Society--Making a Difference

I’ve just finished reading this article about a recent study conducted by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). This particular article is very informative, in the sense that it uses very clear language and statistical evidence to effectively communicate the very real impact of rising CO2 levels, and the urgency to act immediately to implement climate change adaptation and mitigation. As important as it is to be and stay informed on significant issues such as climate change, it begs the question; how does a person, when confronted with dire warnings and seemingly uncontrollable rises in percentages and figures, remain positive and hopeful for the future?

I believe the answer lies in reconnecting with our agency, and allocating worth to the small changes that are within our immediate ability to effect. Transforming concern into care and fear into action can be extremely impactful, on both a local and global scale. We can become intimidated by the amount of damage that has been done to our planet, and we must choose to see the opportunities for change in our own lives and in concrete local initiatives.  It can be as simple as deciding to walk to the store rather than driving, if you have access to walkability, and that is, of course, linked to better health. I am sure that if we retain our ability to dream, and embrace the “think globally, act locally solution”, future reports will talk about how leaders everywhere seized the day.

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