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Urban Bio Loop wants the construction industry to adopt the circular economy model and drop the "take, make, waste" model.

Social innovations continue, changing the way we build and do business. In a recent report, The Urban Bio Loop, the engineering firm, Arup, proposes changing the “take, make, waste” model to the circular economy model, applied to the construction industry.

“It is well known that the so-called ‘business as usual’ scenario does not represent a viable option for a sustainable future and that different development models have to be identified for our society to continue growing and prospering in the future,” Arup writes in its report. “The construction industry must reflect this urgency of change–probably more than others. In fact, it is still permeated by a number of detrimental factors such as the use of high impact materials, non-reversible building solutions, low-efficiency processes and manufacturing.”

Read further about skyscrapers made from mushrooms, walls made from corn and wheat, and carpets made from bananas here.

Image via ARUP

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