Energy Efficiency is the Fifth Fuel

A key report was recently published, Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

IEA highlights that energy efficiency is consistently emphasized as the most important measure to save energy and GHG emissions. For example, energy efficiency could contribute to nearly half of North America’s oil self-sufficiency by 2030. Current global efforts only capture one third of the total efficiency gains that are economically feasible. $18 trillion of global economic growth and fuel savings are achievable from $12 trillion of investment in existing energy efficiency technologies. And the buildings sector has the most untapped energy efficiency potential.

Can Canada ‘afford’ not to capitalize on these potential gains? What is holding us back?  


CRC Comments

CRC Comments


The concept of energy saving is very essential now days; as we know we have different types of energy and those are coming under non-renewable source of energy. So we have to consume as much we required don't waste it unnecessary; otherwise in near future we are suffering for less energy sources. So in case of vehicles we should consume less fuel with better mileage therefore we need to go for better mileage vehicles and also maintain the fuel system with regular maintenance.