Edging Forward: Achieving Sustainable Community Development

In Buddhist myths, it is within the void that we find new fertility. And according to the Biblical myth, God made the world ex nihilo. It is from the same nothingness that a new self emerges after the disintegration of an old personality. And many of us face a void during our life trajectory, through loss, tragedy and separation, and in my first book At the edge, I wrote about the void I faced at the loss of my beloved son, Danny James Frazer. My new book, Edging Forward, has been difficult to write as an academic as I have written more differently than ever before, trying to build on my earlier book which really only got it together in the last chapter. I have tried to write throughout my new book from both my heart and my head. But is only with both can we transcend the voids that life sometimes brings and Edging Forward is not just about surviving, but realizing that joy and the solutions for sustainable community development lie in leaping forward.

To order, visit the Royal Roads University Library, or the e-book at Fernweh Press.

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